We run many projects throughout the year to benefit our school and the education of our children.  There are many ways that you can help.  
1. Register!  Sign up to keep informed about what is happening at CRHS PTSA.  Click "register" in the upper left hand corner of this home page. 
2. Join CRHS PTSA!  Parents, Staff, Students, Alumni, Community - WE WANT YOU!  Our goal is to have one member for each enrolled student.  Please visit our Online Store to purchase a Membership for a Student ($8) or an Adult ($10).
3. School Fundraising!  Support CRHS PTSA by making a tax-deductible donation.  Our goal is to install as many filtered water bottle refill stations as possible. Donations also go towards student appreciation, staff appreciation, campus improvements & support, parent programs, RRISD Clothes Closet, student scholarships, and more!  You can donate through our Online Store, choosing a "Donation Drive" item.
If you would prefer to send in a check, please download our Support CRHS PTSA form and turn it in to the front office.  
4. Get Involved!  We have many opportunities for volunteering!  What a great way to be a part of our CRHS PTSA family! Visit our Volunteer page for more details.