Items ordered online will be delivered to student at school.
Enter student's name and 2nd period teacher's name on the checkout page to enable delivery.
Credit/Debit Cards:
 CRHS PTSA accepts payment by Credit/Debit card and will absorb all fees associated with the transactions (currently $0.35 + 2.5% per transaction). Please try to include all purchases in one transaction to keep the fees to a minimum.
Make checks payable to "CRHS PTSA" and include your phone number and driver's license number. Deliver your order form to Front Office With Payment.
Any refunds will be handled directly by the CRHS PTSA.  Refunds will be made by check only.
Site Security: This site uses "iFrames", essentially a browser within a browser. The main (outer) page is http: but the checkout is https: If you right-click in the checkout form, and click Properties, you will see that the page inside there is an https: page.
Thank you for shopping at our store.